HVAC Warranty Information

Virginia Mechanical guarantees that all parts and equipment we repair and install will function as promised. In addition to our service warranty offered on all work we perform, we honor manufacturer warranties on all new HVAC installations. Regular scheduled maintenance of HVAC equipment is required to maintain valid warranty.

  • 1-Year Service Warranty on Repairs

  • Up to 10-year Manufacturer Installation Warranty

  • Extended Labor Warranties

  • Regular Maintenance as Required

Warranty Information

Virginia Mechanical Service Warranty

Parts and Labor Warranty Provided on Service and Repairs

1-Year Service Warranty

1-Year Service Warranty*

Service and repairs performed by Virginia Mechanical are guaranteed and backed by our 1-Year Warranty on parts and labor.

* Regular Scheduled Maintenance Required

Manufacturer Installation Warranty

Manufacturer and Extended Labor Warranties

Manufacturer Warranty

Up To 10-Year Manufacturer Installation Warranty*

For new installations, the equipment manufacturer provides up to a 10-Year Warranty on parts. Virginia Mechanical provides a 1-Year Labor Warranty. Extended labor warranties are available.

* Regular Scheduled Maintenance Required

Regular Maintenance

HVAC Warranty Required Scheduled Maintenance

Annual maintenance is required to keep your HVAC warranty valid. To prevent voided warranties, most manufacturers require your equipment is tuned-up at least 1 time per year.

Don't just schedule maintenance to keep your warranty valid. The performance of your equipment suffers when equipment is neglected. Regular scheduled maintenance for your air conditioner and furnace will ensure good working condition of your units for years to come.