Desert Aire Factory-Trained Technicians

Virginia Mechanical factory-trained Desert Aire technicians offer installation and repair of commercial and residential dehumidification systems. We are authorized to work on the following product lines:

  • Aura Series DOAS Systems

  • Desert Aire HPR Series

  • Low Temperature LT Series

  • ExpertAire LC/LV Series

  • Desert Aire IH/WC Series

  • Desert Aire PD Series

Desert Aire Indoor Dehumidifiers

Desert Aire Systems Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Virginia Mechanical offers factory-trained Desert Aire dehumidification system technicians close to your facilities. We can assist you in commissioning your dehumidification and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) for optimal operation and provide routine maintenance services for the lifetime of your system.

We offer Desert Aire installation and start up of new systems for commercial and residential applications including hotels, hospitality and indoor aquatic facilities.

Commercial & Residential Swimming Pool Dehumidification Systems

ExpertAire LC/LV Series

Desert Aire dehumidification systems are a key component for controlling water temperature, water quality and air quality in the indoor aquatic environment. ExpertAire LC Series and ExpertAire LV Series dehumidifiers provide some of the highest moisture removal efficiency ratings.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)


Desert Aire Aura Series dedicated outdoor air systems overcome humidity and temperature challenges with energy saving flexibility.

Industrial & Commercial Dehumidification Systems

LT Series Dehumidier

LT Series dehumidification systems keep space humidity low while controlling outdoor air to ensure low temperature environments meet your performance criteria and protect building structures and equipment.

Commercial & Industrial Portable Dehumidifier


Desert Aire’s portable systems remove moisture and dry surfaces to maintain healthy environments, reducing mold and mildew. HPR 120 Series dehumidifiers combine mobility, dependability and quiet operation.